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If you are a existing supplier of security systems or services and/or fire systems, or if you are just starting out in business on your own, SSAIB can provide the support and help you might need.

Help your business grow

As a professional supplier, your client will be looking to ensure that you are a competent and reliable provider of those services which are vital to the protection of their home or business.

Whilst you may rely on word of mouth to promote your business or have recommendations from satisfied clients, that may not be sufficient to help your business grow. Word of mouth recommendations will not satisfy the requirements of insurers and/or the police or fire services. Independent certification from a Third Party Certification Body will endorse the quality and professionalism of your work and help your business to grow.

Why Choose SSAIB?

Available Schemes

Why Choose SSAIB?

Standards and Guidance - SSAIB trained auditors provide guidance and support to certificated companies and their clients on standards and technical issues. We can help you to keep up-to-date with news of changes, which might impact upon your business, through publications, workshops and training events.

As a Certification Body we participate in technical standards and regulations development to ensure that they are workable and relevant to the needs of the industry and the marketplace.

Insurance Approval - SSAIB certificated companies enjoy insurance approval. For most installations requiring a security or fire system for insurance purposes, the Insurer will insist that a Third Party Certificated provider (e.g. SSAIB) is employed.

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