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Celebrating Lynn Watts-Plumpkin's Remarkable Career


After decades of dedicated service in the security industry, Lynn Watts-Plumpkin, the Management Systems Scheme Manager at SSAIB, bids farewell to her illustrious career. Lynn's journey in security management spans over four decades, marked by unwavering commitment, invaluable expertise, and significant contributions to the field.

Lynn's venture into security commenced in the early 1980s, embarking on various roles across various sectors. From loss prevention to private investigations, close protection, and general security, Lynn's versatility and proficiency became evident early on. She navigated through the intricacies of both contract security services and in-house security for global corporations, steadily ascending in seniority.

In the late 90s, Lynn transitioned into auditing, a pivotal phase that showcased her meticulous attention to detail and analytical prowess. Undertaking audits encompassing security, fire, environmental, and health and safety for major retailers, Lynn left an indelible mark. Her expertise extended to conducting security reviews for entities like Deutsche Bank, Nomura, and Harrods, solidifying her reputation as a trusted authority.

In 2002, Lynn joined SSAIB, and was instrumental in obtaining UKAS accreditation for BS7499 static site guarding and mobile patrols, alongside BS 7984 keyholding and response services, underscoring her commitment to excellence. Lynn's leadership and expertise played a pivotal role when the SIA introduced the Approved Contractor Scheme, where she became one of the first Assessors to be signed off to assess the scheme.

As Lynn rose to the position of Scheme Manager at SSAIB, she embarked on remarkable advancements in the Security Services department, setting new quality and proficiency standards. Despite briefly departing to explore new horizons, including assessing security companies in Iraq, Lynn's passion for her craft remained undiminished.

Upon her return to SSAIB in June 2020, Lynn seamlessly resumed her duties, continuing her legacy of excellence. Currently serving as the Management Systems Scheme Manager, Lynn's expertise continues to shape the landscape of security management. Her accolades, including being a Fellow of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Managers and chairing GW/3, the British Standards Committee for Private Security Management and Services, speak volumes about her impact and influence in the industry.

As Lynn embarks on a well-deserved retirement, we extend our gratitude to Lynn Watts-Plumpkin for her invaluable service. We wish her a retirement filled with joy, fulfilment, and new adventures with her Aerophone.