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SSAIB Guarantees Competence Across the Entire Certification Body


At SSAIB we ensure the competence of all our staff, whether they are an auditor, or work in the office. Doing this allows SSAIB to offer a high standard of professional service to our customers, who deserve to be satisfied with the service we offer. On top of giving the ability to offer high quality customer service, sending staff on training programmes also allows the development and upskilling for the individuals career. With this vision SSAIB sent two valuable members of the office team on the C.S. Todd & Associates Fire Risk Assessment course earlier this year in March.

The 4.5 day comprehensive course is tailored for individuals with foundational knowledge of fire safety principles and practices, equipping them to perform or audit fire risk assessments effectively. Participants engage in a hands-on workshop exercise and are assessed through a written examination on the final day. Throughout the course, Fire Schemes Administrator, Lauren Dunlavy (left) and Office Manager, Sheridan Doyle (right) developed an understanding in multiple areas such as means of escape & fire protection measures, fire safety legislation, and the principles & scope of fire risk assessments. This knowledge gained will be helpful to themselves, customers, colleagues, and the SSAIB organisation as a whole when put into action.

On completion of the course, Lauren and Sheridan were both extremely proud of their achievements and were grateful for the knowledge they picked up. However, they both didn’t want to stop there, so SSAIB proudly funded their applications to join the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) which gives professional status to both and continues the joint initiative between SSAIB & IFSM which allowing workforce to upskill.  

SSAIB Board Member, Peter Houlis (Left) presented Lauren and Sheridan with their certificates at the FSE event back in April, alongside IFSM Chairman, David White (Right) who said “It was a pleasure to award membership to Lauren and Sheridan. We welcome applications from all roles within the fire industry, and our IFSM administration team are also trained in fire safety and individual members of the institute.  I’ve no doubt this training, along with the benefits of IFSM membership and CPD will enhance Lauren and Sheridan, SSAIB, and their customers”.

SSAIB are proud to offer multiple training options and qualifications to staff, and always look at how to improve. SSAIB National Training Manager, Trevor Jenks said “I am delighted to see Lauren and Sheridan’s fantastic achievement given professional recognition with David White, Chairman of the IFSM presenting them with their Certificates and welcoming them as new members to IFSM. Competency is the key at organisational as well as individual level. Whether it’s our auditors holding the new ECS/FESS Technical management lead auditor card or it’s office staff gaining professional institute status, SSAIB continues to lead the way to raise the competency bar in the fire and security sector. Congratulations Laren Dunlavy MIFSM and Sheridan Doyle MIFSM.”