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Providing Certified Security and Fire Safety Experts

to protect the home or workplace

Assurance for all

Whether you are an existing supplier of security systems and services or a home or business looking for a reliable provider - SSAIB can help. We are chosen by thousands of professional Installers to certify the services they provide to homes and business Nationwide. We cover fire detection, eletronic alarm systems, security services and management and monitoring systems. 

  • Insurance Approval

    SSAIB certificated companies and individuals enjoy insurance approval. For most installations requiring a security or fire system for insurance purposes, the Insurer will insist that a Third Party Certificated provider (e.g. SSAIB) is employed.

  • Our Approach

    SSAIB aims to provide guidance, help and support in a friendly, professional way, to certificated companies and companies seeking certification.

  • Listing of certificated companies

    The SSAIB Directory lists all registered companies by product offered, service sector and region. It is a much sought after reference document for insurance companies, insurance brokers, police, specifiers and purchasers of security services and systems. 

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When it comes to protecting your home from the impact of crime or fire you can't afford to take any chances. The correct choice of fire or security protection system and provider is vital.

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SSAIB Guarantees Competence Across the Entire Certification Body

At SSAIB we ensure the competence of all our staff, whether they are an auditor, or work in the office. Doing this allows SSAIB to offer a high standard of professional service to our customers, who deserve to be satisfied with the service we offer. On top of giving the ability to offer high quality customer service, sending staff on training programmes also allows the development and upskilling for the individuals career. With this vision SSAIB sent two valuable members of the office team on the C.S. Todd & Associates Fire Risk Assessment course earlier this year in March.

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